e a c o c k        r e a m

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Transforming Life’s Challenges 

Welcome to the Peacock Dream pathway of light to reveal inner-truth and a more fulfilled and creative way of living.

Whether you are seeking insights regarding a particular situation, have a desire for change or just need to feel better, 

you now have an opportunity to take action. 

 In your session you will receive Transference Healing light-frequencies that will initiate changes from within and enable the                             vibration of your energy-field to arise;  this triggers old patterns, emotional wounding and fear based limitations to release.

Thus a new point of attraction and potential starts to reveal itself.  

Allow Your Light - 


For as you allow your light and truth to be revealed you will become more empowered and able to transform your reality 

for the benefit of yourself and those you share your life with.

Based in Meare village within the environs of Glastonbury, I happily work Face-to-Face and with Absentee participants

Why Peacock Dream

With “Peacock" being a family name, I have enjoyed the imagery of this amazing creature since childhood. 

Now, in latter years, I have come to understand that within many spiritual paths and lineages, the Peacock’s glorious plumage reveals and represents the all-seeing eyes of truth, the iridescent splendour of the cosmos and the multi-faceted nature of humanity and our individual selves.  

Ultimately, the Peacock’s symbolic message is one of Unity.  
Unification within the self and the unification of humanity through the cosmos and the universal teachings of nature.  This is the dream.
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Healing from within

Somerset's Sacred Land

It is the power of the Earth’s grid and its elemental energies that lie at the heart of the work I facilitate.  I am blessed to live within the environs of Glastonbury and close to the City of Wells. Here in the landscape and flowing waters, exist gateways to the spiritual realms of nature and the healing powers of the planet and the universe in which we live. 


I look forward to journeying the Peacock Dream with you. 



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